Why you should drink a tropical smoothie daily

Ahh a Tropical smoothie! These yummy drinks are quick and healthy snacks that your whole family can enjoy on a daily basis. The selection of ripe delicious fruits that are available and the creamy taste combine to make an irresistible combination that makes you want to drink them each and every day.

One drawback to enjoying a the wonderful drinks daily is driving to a juice bar, waiting in line to place and order and then paying high prices each and every time. This is very hard to do on a regular basis and you will probably think it is not worth all the work. Also they might add ingredients that you do not want, like extra sugars, to their recipes. It is hard to tell sometimes what is added to healthy drinks when you are in a store. But it actually is quick and easy to make these kind of drinks at home with a blender. If you have a commercial blender, such as a Vitamix, so much the better, but your regular blender will also work to create a thick creamy healthy drink.

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Use your favorite combination of tropical fruits. I like to blend up mango and bananas for my smoothie drinks. I also recommend using orange juice or cranberry juice for a really great taste.

Other ingredients you can add to your smoothies are honey or agave syrup for some sweetness and ice to keep your smoothie nice and cool. The ice is an important part of the recipe, as the Vitamix blender is so strong and works so fast it can heat up your smoothie.

What to do:

Place all the fruits into your blender and add some ice to keep it nice and cool. To serve 1-2 people I would cut up 1 large banana and two mangos and use about 1 cup of juice. Make sure that the lid is locked on nice and tight. Now blend together for a minute until you get a nice, creamy drink. The amount of blending required will vary by the brand of blender that you have. You may have to make a few smoothies and experiment a bit to see what works for you.

That is it! Pour your finished drink into glasses and enjoy the thick and creamy, yet healthy snack anytime of the day. Naturally you will need to adjust the recipe for your particular tastes and amount of people you are serving.

So now you know how easy it is to make a Tropical Smoothie at home. What I like best, is that you can use up any ripe fruits that you might have and you will know exactly what is in your smoothie. You can also adjust the taste and texture just the way you like it.


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