The patient’s voice

That seems incredible to me. There will be few sales. Having a business like this is an example of a company breaking its market. To be successful, companies need to deliver the right product or service to the right customer, at the right time and in the right place.

Should health professionals be concerned about this? Should you focus on the client, the patient? While location is important to providers, is service delivery important? After all, health care providers provide services that are needed everywhere.

Sometimes it matters how the services are provided. By offering the right services in the right way, providers Patient reported outcome measures get many benefits, including patient loyalty, better patient outcomes, and higher office revenue. I think we can all agree that increased patient engagement is one of the key factors in improving health outcomes. But there is more than just the patient-doctor interaction that delivers results to the patient and builds loyalty.

In a recent survey, members of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) indicated that several services have helped improve patient satisfaction and engagement. These included flexible scheduling so that patients have better access to doctors, a variety of communication styles, help with limiting and managing costs, and managing care. Participants indicated that patients had other ways to communicate with physicians and staff, such as electronic patient portals and secure e-mail. Because many other patients have large deductible policies, they appreciate the help in managing copayments and deductibles. By informing the patient about their costs before providing services and helping them to arrange their part, if necessary, they feel much more relaxed. Patients also enjoy help with lifestyle changes when needed for chronic conditions.

I do not claim that providers offer everything their patients want, even if it can be difficult to refuse a request. My own doctor refused some of my requests because it was financially beneficial for the practice; his group is part of the ACO. For example, when I asked him the other day if I could do an allergy test to see which bees and wasps are allergic to, he told me no. My reaction to the stings has not been so bad yet and I have to carry an epilator with me when I am out in the summer and spring in case it stings me and I have a reaction. There are many situations in which doctors need to remove patients. For example, recent studies show that 84% of doctors still prescribe antibiotics for runny nose and nasal congestion, although research shows that this is wrong because they produce antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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